06Nov 2017
Their movers displayed a level of professionalism I certainly wasn't expecting. It meant I enjoyed a stress-free experience and could dump the stresses and strains of the move. I don't know what I would have done without the expertise of Man and a Van.
Cheryl K.
21Dec 2015
I didn't want to take any risks with my expensive paintings that I needed to move to a new gallery across town so I hired Man and a Van to help move them. I explained that I wanted them to be handled with care because they were fragile and expensive and they fully understood. The team of movers moved my paintings carefully but swiftly and they did a great job. I was very pleased with their work. My paintings arrived in the same condition I left them in and there were no scratches or marks or anything. Great company.
Melanie Green
02Dec 2015
RemovalVanManandVan supplied a great moving service when we were helping our daughter move into her first flat. Over time she had gathered a lot of furniture and appliances, all stored in our garage, and we needed a reputable company to move it. A friend had just moved house with this company so we booked a meeting with them. From the representative calling to calculate a cost to the actual removal it all went extremely well. The entire load got delivered with no damage and to schedule.
Bernice Willis
07Oct 2014
Getting my office equipment to my new work space was exceptionally easy thanks to RemovalVanManandVan and its dedicated office movers! I initially picked this company because of their great price quotes, but the level of service quite simply blew me away! All of the movers worked exceptionally well to deliver amazing results, and moving was really easy! I didn't have to worry about my office equipment because extreme care was taken with everything, but I still managed to move in just a few hours! I'm very happy with the company - thanks for all of the help!
Reece L.
10Sep 2014
I cannot say what others do, but the best thing that I have found as a way to tackle a removal is to give RemovalVanManandVan a call. They have now done a couple of removals for me, and I have to admit that I am very pleased with how it has all gone. You would not believe the issue that I have had in the past, though they are all cleared away now! I would highly recommend this bunch for easy and safe removals, every time!
Cynthia Lewis
07Jul 2014
If in doubt, get the professionals in. Despite our removal only being small, I thought it best to get a man and van hire from RemovalVanManandVan as they were a proper removals company as well. You can sometimes get dodgy types off the internet, so it was good to have a trusted company working our move. The whole thing went really smoothly, and I cannot fault them on their punctuality, nor their hard work. The price was fair and we were very happy with the results in the end, so little to complain of!
Victor Carter
11Jun 2014
I used RemovalVanManandVan to move my children and I to a new house last month and it may well be the smartest decision I've ever made. It was a tad tricky because we had to not only move the contents of our current home but also lots of stuff from storage and I was dreading having to flesh out for two moving vans to do all the work for me. However, RemovalVanManandVan managed it using just the one van and team. Very impressed with their abilities and had no reservations about remunerating them in full.
Cindy Robertson
21May 2014
Loved dealing with RemovalVanManandVan just so friendly and expert, knew they had my best interests at heart the whole time. They rose to every challenge adeptly and enthusiastically, and really couldn't have been more helpful. They came well equipped to deal with every eventuality too - it was great having so many moving accessories at my disposal! All in all very happy and would deffo use them again if I need moving help in the future. You really should consider using them if you're in need - a tenner says they offer you the best quote!
Thomas Jeffries
08May 2014
Hopefully I won't have to move house for another ten years, but my recent removal was indeed the first time I had done so in a decade! Luckily I had RemovalVanManandVan sorting it all out, so I did not have to worry too much about working out what to do, as they had it all covered! The price was very good, and the team were lovely to have around, which made the whole thing a lot easier overall. I would certainly use them again should I need to, and would recommend that everyone else looking for a removals company do the same!
Ruth Hill
15Apr 2014
I find that moving house can always be made more bearable by having a team of experienced and knowledgable removals staff around, and this was never more true than when I hired RemovalVanManandVan. There is a huge amount to be gained from simply talking over the move with their team, as they know so much about the process that it is hard not to learn something! I found the prices to be great, and the service was impeccable. The team come highly recommended by me, top marks all round basically!
L. Dixon
03Apr 2014
I was really excited to move into my new home, but I quickly realised how big a task that was going to be! Not only did I have lots of boxes to move, but I had furniture that needed to be taken up quite a few flights of stairs! I called RemovalVanManandVan after reading a few of their reviews, and I was very happy with their moving services. I hired a man with a van and he was very friendly, very polite and helped me with all of my moving needs! This is a service I'd definitely use again, and I've recommended them to everyone that I know!
Joanne J.
19Mar 2014
I'm not sure that there's much more to be added other than what's already written down here. What I will say is that the price of our moving services was far lower than we expected, and hiring RemovalVanManandVan may have been the best move we made throughout the move. From the initial quote to the last look as they drove off, everything was handled with an expert attitude and I would gladly suggest their services to friends looking to move. Excellent removals at an excellent price, I'm not really sure there's much more than can be asked for when moving home.
Thomas Evans
28Feb 2014
I have been looking to move home for a while, but the prospect of actually moving has always been incredibly daunting. With so many things which needed to be picked up and moved, I was terrified of actually committing to moving home, I thought it would be so much hassle. But I saw how much RemovalVanManandVan were able to help a friend of mine and this allowed me to take the plunge and move on to pastures new. After the final box was unpacked, I was incredibly happy and I never thought I'd actually manage it. A huge thank you to the whole team and I shall be passing their details on to everyone I know.
Nancy Ward
10Feb 2014
When it gets to the moment when you realise you're going to need to move all of your things to an entirely new home, you start to worry about having to find the right removals firm. I was lucky enough to be recommended RemovalVanManandVan, and now I would like to pass on the recommendation to everyone else. They real did a lot to help me, completing their business in a quick and efficient manner. This is especially true in the speed with which they conducted their business, and made sure that I was able to move in to the new home in no time at all.
Todd Williams
31Jan 2014
After several unavoidable delays, we arrived at our new home much later than expected which had my toddler very grumpy! Were it not for the dedicated team of movers that RemovalVanManandVan had sent out to assist me I do not know how I would have coped. I am not sure if all of your moving teams are as dedicated and caring as the bunch of guys who assisted me; but one thing is for sure: your movers are the best! They worked so hard to get everything perfectly set up so that I could see to my child and settle into my new home; thank you guys for all your work and for going beyond my expectations.
21Jan 2014
I was desperate to avoid any stress on moving day because I had my kids with me as well as my husband. I was worried that any removal men that I'd hire would find this a huge inconvenience, but the staff from RemovalVanManandVan didn't seem to mind at all. The movers were great with all the lifting, loading and carrying and they still stayed professional even when the kids started acting up. This is a great service if you have kids with you on moving day and it's very affordable as well! I'll always use this company for my removal needs from now on.
Angie Z.
07Jan 2014
I'm very happy to report that I have recently been moved by RemovalVanManandVan and they were excellent! Without them I would really have been completely stuck out on a limb, as they were so good! There was a huge amount to be sorted when I called them, admittedly a little late in the game, and they had no qualms about sorting it all out, which they did, in great style. I have no idea as to how they compare with other companies out there, but it was by far the most impressed I have been on a removal, so I'd definitely recommend them.
Katherine J.
28Dec 2013
I was pleased to have chosen RemovalVanManandVan for my home removal service. I have had bad luck in the past with removal companies not providing the service they promised. But I was so relieved to find that RemovalVanManandVan was professional and reliable. They provided exactly the service that I expected and told me beforehand how they go about a home move. They were accommodating and friendly throughout the entire process, keeping me informed. They were able to deliver the move on schedule and their staff were always enthusiastic and friendly. What a great service! I surely recommend them to anybody with a small or large move to complete.
18Dec 2013
I moved with RemovalVanManandVan after a recommendation by a friend who recently moved her office. I needed a professional removal company that had expertise in efficiently moving a full size office. I needed the move to be planned out and scheduled so that I could reduce the down time of my business. To my surprise RemovalVanManandVan delivered on the move. They were professional and prompt and were able to work at a time that was most convenient for my business. They managed an organized and stress-free move. I couldn't have been more impressed with their service, and I will definitely use them again.
Max S.
05Dec 2013
With regard to excellent customer service, and an all round good job, I'd like to recommend to the masses looking for a decent removals company the excellent people at RemovalVanManandVan. They really did make my life a whole load easier, and I could not have been more pleased with how everything went. The service was great, everything went smoothly and there were no breakages, which should not be surprising, but really was! I hope that all reading this give the team a call, as there is only one way to discover how good they are!
14Nov 2013
I was seriously impressed by the team from RemovalVanManandVan when they did my removal last week. It was all extremely easy, with very little fuss, which made for an almost relaxing experience, if you can believe it! I don't often write these things, but in a sense, it is nice to be able to help them out in a way that furthers their careers, just as they helped me out. The team were full of dedication to the job, and I happily handed over my cash for such a well worked job!
Yasmin H.
04Nov 2013
I thought I knew what was up when it came to moving house as I'd done it a number of times. The fact of the matter was that I didn't necessarily understand all of the ins and outs that the professionals pick up as they go along, doing the job for years on end. Nothing demonstrated this better than my recent experience with RemovalVanManandVan who made my move a simple and easy process. Some of the tips and tricks that they gave me were quit an eye opener, so I'd certainly use them again!
Steven Height
25Oct 2013
Moving house fills me with dread. The idea of all that packing, all the boxes, the sorting out, unpacking etcetera. There really is very little else in this world which I hate more, so I decided to get a removals company in to see if having them do the whole thing would work. It did. I have to hand it to them, RemovalVanManandVan made the job so much less stressful than it has ever been in the past, as they basically did everything for me! It may not be for everyone, but for the busy working woman, this service was perfect.
C. Maxwell
13Oct 2013
These guys did a great job! Me and the wife were surprised by their dedication to getting our removals sorted in no time at all, took them a few minutes to convince us that they were right for the job, and I'm glad they did! Great service, friendly staff, excellent value for money! Not much more to be said really, other that thank you to everyone there at Removal Van for a great removal!
Terry Hammer
03Oct 2013
I was very frustrated by the number of companies who said that they were unable to carry out my removal in my free time. Because I work full time, I only have the evenings and weekends available and can't afford to take time off during working hours. Thank heavens I found Removal Van while searching through the internet. They assured me as soon as I contacted them that they would be able to work around my schedule and were available at evenings and weekends. I elected for a weekend removal and the staff still approached the job professionally and with a smile, regardless of the day. Thanks for saving me!
Mark M.
23Sep 2013
Now let me start by saying that I am not somebody who can usually be bothered to take the time to fill in these review things online. I am not that good with computers at the best of times so usually try to avoid then when I can! But I felt compelled to come on here and write my feedback for Man and Van. They helped my elderly father move from his house into a smaller flat a few weeks ago. As you can imagine we were both quite anxious about the move but we were immediately made to feel comfortable as soon as our moving team arrived. They took care of everything and handled it so carefully, which was important to us. They also took the time to wish my father well in his new home. Small touches like this make all the difference in my eyes. I would thoroughly recommend them to anybody. Thank you crew!
Valerie Liggat
09Sep 2013
I couldn't believe how easy my moving process was with Man with Van. I was expecting a long process that was extremely expensive, but they were just great. They got right on with move immediately after calling them and they worked when it was convenient for me. Their prices were affordable and I was able to execute the move comfortably. I couldn't have asked for a better service. Thanks to all the staff and team at Man with Van who made this move possible.
David U.